XANDRIL - The Vision of Rotting Darkness DCD

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    HMH Records, Best known for their contribution to the classic 'Teutonic Invasion' compilation with the speed metal masterpiece 'Terminal Breath', Xandril are widely considered one of the greatest 80's speed metal bands to never have released an album. Xandril delivered a unique blend of raw and energetic German speed metal with a touch of sophistication at times bordering on progressive, complimented by the untamed, emotional vocals of female frontman Bettina Paschen. This double CD includes the lesser known 'Rehearsal '85' demo along with the classic demos 'Rotting Paradise', 'The Vision' and 'Perfect Darkness', plus previously unreleased tracks from the 'Rehearsal '85' session. All tracks have been restored from original tapes and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony. Featuring loads of unseen photos, detailed band history and lyrics for the first time!

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