PARISH - God's Right Hand MLP

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Crypt of the Wizard, black vinyl, Welcome to the Parish! Gather round my lambs for today's sermon. As the four horsemen did ride, here for you are four ballads of sweet sinful pleasure from London's pilgrims of proto-Metal Parish. This their debut EP invites you all to join our humble congregation and rejoice, for the days of the final judgement are nigh upon us! Parish are a pastoral proto-metal power trio from London, England. Their first release on Crypt of the Wizard entitled God's Right Hand is an ode to the end of days. Each of the four songs on this 'concept EP' are inspired by a different horseman of the Apocalypse. The songs take the listener from scorched, barren farmland to the muddy fields of Civil War-era Warwickshire. They will then meet a family and town wracked by plague before taking a trip through the afterlife.

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