MILITIA - The Second Coming CD

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Skol Records, Formed in 1984, MILITIA was a part of the infamous Texas Metal scene of the 1980's. The band played with local legends, including WATCH TOWER, S.A. SLAYER and ROTTING CORPSE, but also well known acts such as MEGADETH, SLAYER, KING DIAMOND and EXCITER. Their debut EP ?The Sybling? from 1986 is the holy grail of the heavy metal scene: when it shows up on Internet auctions, it reaches prices higher than 2000 USD. ?The Second Coming? is a compilation that includes 10 tracks from the mentioned ultra rare EP, and two original MILITIA demo tapes. All tracks have been remastered by the heavy metal veteran Bart Gabriel, who recently produced or mastered albums of such acts as CRYSTAL VIPER, CIRITH UNGOL or HEXX.

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