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Iron Bonehead, red/ doublemint blend vinyl, gatefold cover, LISA CUTHBERT celebrates the cathartic process of bringing Hextapes to life on vinyl, courtesy of IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS. Now let us gather, shrouded in drones and haunting melodies to welcome light through the gloom of the hex-cave...Drawing praise from all corners of the music spectrum, and counting names such as Andrew Eldritch and Tom G Warrior as fans, LISA CUTHBERT has built a cult following across the globe. With her unique blend of Celtic influences, haunting melodies, and drones, she transports the listener through the darkness and into the light. Having also featured as vocalist for acts including the Sisters of Mercy, Draconian, Duncan Patterson (ex-Anathema), and Helevorn, and appearing alongside King Dude, Wovenhand, Ulver, and Marillion, she is no stranger to the live sphere.

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