ACTION! Kit 2 Philips, insert, flexi 7" red vinyl,... Details 80,00 €
AMERICADE American Metal Adem, Anthrax-related NY band, cult... Details 9,00 €
ANGEL EYES Made in Heaven Yoo Seong Rec, fold out lyric sheet,... Details 30,00 €
ANIALATOR s/t PMLP Wild Rags, ex Details 20,00 €
ASTLLA Brain?, No', No'! Know!? Mandrake Root, lyric sheet, m-/ex Details 30,00 €
ASYLUM Crystal Days Transrecords, lyric sheet, exotic... Details 20,00 €
AXEMASTER Warrior Shape Azra, heart-shape, c/w Crusades, ex+ Details 50,00 €
AXTION Live Dream Records, ex++/m-, US Metal from... Details 40,00 €
AXTION Look out for the Night IRD Records, ex/ex-, US Metal from... Details 50,00 €
BARREN CROSS Hotter than Hell DLP Enigma, Dutch pressing, ex++/ex++/ex- Details 12,00 €
BEOWULF Slice of Life MorrytHeavy Metal Records, rare... Details 70,00 €
CASTLE BLAK Babes in Toyland Black Dragon, lyric sleeve, ex++/ex++ Details 12,00 €
CHRONICAL DISTURB... Foggy Creek SA Bucher, lyric sheet, ex++/vg+,... Details 35,00 €
COLOR Gekitotsu Free Will Rec, lyric sheet, exotic... Details 20,00 €
CONVICT Go ahead make my Day Grudge Records, US pressing, hard... Details 13,00 €
DEAD END Dead Line Night Gallery, lyric sheet, m-/ex- Details 30,00 €
DEAD END Shambara Invitation, 4 page lyric insert, m-/ex+ Details 30,00 €
DEADSPOT Built-in Pain C/Z Records, still sealed,... Details 20,00 €
DOOM Go mad yourself 7" Rock House Explosion Records, ex+/ex++ Details 40,00 €
EARTH A.D. A Crucifix 7" M.M.Music, blue vinyl, insert,... Details 10,00 €
ELECTRIC PEACE Insecticide Barred Records, US, m-/ex+ Details 12,00 €
ERIC STEEL Infections Passport, US pressing, m-/ex-, US... Details 12,00 €
FIREBOX Out of Control Sony Music, poster, lyric sheet,... Details 20,00 €
FLATBACKER ESA Invitation, 4 page lyric insert, obi,... Details 35,00 €
FLATBACKER Sensou (Accident) Invitation, 4 page lyric insert, m-/vg+ Details 20,00 €
FONGUS Metal Discos Crunch, vg++/vg++, rare one... Details 150,00 €
FRAGUA s/t Peerless, m-/ex-, from 1991 Details 40,00 €
GARCIA & GARCIA Mr. Fire Blade Records, m-/ex-, exotic HM from... Details 15,00 €
GASTANK Midnight Rain MLP Vice Records., Japanese pressing,... Details 30,00 €
GENOCIDIO Hoctaedrom Hellion Records, gatefold cover, 4... Details 35,00 €
HAMMERHEAD Rock Forever Power Outage, private Tacoma Wash.... Details 80,00 €
HAVEN s/t MLP Private, insert, poster, ex/ex, rare... Details 25,00 €
HEART RAISER Action Philips, lyric sleeve (splits),... Details 10,00 €
HOT ROX Action! Philips, 4 page lyric sheet, obi, m-/ex+ Details 35,00 €
HUIZAR Pecado Capital Phoenix Rec, printed sleeve, exotic... Details 25,00 €
HUNT, THE Back on the Hunt Visa Records, US pressing, printed... Details 8,00 €
IKKI CRANE Dead Again Doomed Planet Records, insert, lim.... Details 12,00 €
IMMACULATE MARY Through the Eyes of Youth Mirror Records, m-/vg++, bend in the... Details 18,00 €
INTRUDER Cover up Shape Iron Works, monster-shape, lyric... Details 50,00 €
JAG PANZER s/t P12" Azra, also called "Tyrant" or "Death... Details 75,00 €
JURASSIC JADE A Cradle Song 7" Rock House Explosion Records, m-/ex,... Details 40,00 €
JURASSIC JADE War by Proxy Explosion Records, lyric sheet, m-/ex+ Details 40,00 €
KAOS Agent Killers Pop Records, private pressing, lyric... Details 35,00 €
KISS - PAUL STANLEY s/t Casablanca, French pressing,... Details 13,00 €
KRAKEN Escudo y Espada / Soy Real 7" Codiscos, no p/s, vg, ultra rare Details 80,00 €
L.A. ROCKS Reach Out / Cocaine 7" Rock Records, pre-WASP, ex, never... Details 100,00 €
LOST GENERATION Midnight Meat Train Heavy Metal America, m-/vg+ Details 13,00 €
LOST GENERATION Victim Incas, lyric sleeve, m-/m- Details 25,00 €
LUNATIC DOLL Hamada Mari Invitation, sobc, exotic HM from... Details 20,00 €
MACHINE HEAD Old P10" Roadrunner, c/w A Nation on Fire... Details 18,00 €
MAKE-UP Howling Will Columbia, 4 page lyric insert, obi,... Details 30,00 €
MASTERS AND SLAVES Welcome to the Meat Machine Legacy Records, US pressing, ex+/ex+ Details 15,00 €
MAX HAVOC s/t Triple Platinum, lyric sheet, ex+/ex,... Details 26,00 €
MAZE OF TORMENT Maze Bloody Maze 7" Merciless, m/ex++ Details 13,00 €
MELL ROSE Slight Difference Colosseum, + Flexi 7", m-, lyric... Details 75,00 €
MENTORS Whisky a Go Go Mystic Records, ex+/ex, still in shrink Details 35,00 €
METALLICA Enter Sandman P7" Vertigo, c/w Stone cold crazy, ex-/vg++ Details 15,00 €
METALLICA Interview PLP Limited to 2500 copies, ex Details 10,00 €
METALLICA One 7" Sony, short version, Japanese promo,... Details 180,00 €
METALLICA The $ 5.98 E.P.- Garage Days Re-Revisted Poly Gram, Argentina pressing,... Details 40,00 €
METALUCIFER Live Zorugelion Infernal Thrash, live Osaka, insert,... Details 80,00 €
MORTIS Is nothing sacred? Masque Records/ Azra Records, green... Details 20,00 €
MX MACHINE Manic Panic GWR, Dutch pressing, ex/vg++, US... Details 10,00 €
NORTHWINDS Sleep with Evil Black & Blue Records, m-/m-, still in... Details 75,00 €
PARANOIA Come from behind Night Gallery, lyric sheet, m/vg+, rare Details 100,00 €
QUEENSRYCHE Bridge P7" EMI, giant poster vg++, single ex Details 18,00 €
QUEENSRYCHE I am I 12" EMI, gold vinyl, paper bag, vg+, 2... Details 20,00 €
QUIET RIOT Bad Boy 12" Epic, UK, c/w Metal Health + Slick... Details 5,00 €
QUIET RIOT Mama weer all crazee now 12" Epic, UK, c/w Love´s a Bitch + Bad... Details 5,00 €
RAIN, THE - s/t Taurus Records, gatefold cover, m-/vg++ Details 15,00 €
RESISTANT MILITIA Living by Law MLP Metal Storm Records, ex++/ex+,... Details 18,00 €
RIOT Riot Live MLP Elektra, white label promocopy, ex/vg+ Details 40,00 €
RIOTOR Beast of Riot Bestial Invasion, gatefold cover,... Details 12,00 €
ROSE TATTOO Angry Metal DLP Repertoire Records, Rock´n´Roll... Details 15,00 €
SABRE TIGER Crush & Dush MLP Fasten Up Records, lyric sheet,... Details 20,00 €
SEDUCE s/t Psycho Mania, insert, ex++/ex- Details 50,00 €
SHOCK On the Rock MLP Little Sweeper, lyric sheet, m-/ex++ Details 25,00 €
SLAYER Cult P7" Amercian Recordings, m/m- Details 30,00 €
SLAYER Cult P7" Amercian Recordings, m/vg+, seamsplit... Details 25,00 €
SLAYER God hates us all black Def American, gatefold cover, black... Details 50,00 €
SLAYER Live Undead LP Polskie Nagrania/ Muza, rare Polish... Details 20,00 €
SLAYER Reign in Blood PLP Def Jam, ORIGINAL UK pressing, no... Details 85,00 €
STAND, THE s/t MLP Pak´er Records, insert, m-/vg+ Details 10,00 €
STRYPER Always there for you 12" Enigma, +2, m-/ex Details 8,00 €
STRYPER Together as one 12" Enigma Europe, c/w Soldiers under... Details 8,00 €
TREADMILL Planet of play things Acid Test Records, lyric sheet, m/ex Details 10,00 €
TROOPER s/t Legend Records / MCA 2149, original... Details 25,00 €
TYRANNY Manipulator JCI Records, white label promo,... Details 25,00 €
UNITED Beast dominate 7" Hold Up Records, lyric sheet, m-/ex Details 25,00 €
UNITED Beast dominate PLP 7" Hold Up Records, m- Details 25,00 €
UNITED Destroy Metal PLP 7" Hold Up Records, m-, original plastic... Details 25,00 €
V.V.S.I. No Ace at Hand New Renaissance, US pressing, lyric... Details 15,00 €
V/A METAL MANIA LP Denver, m-/vg++, shrink, Puno... Details 20,00 €
V/A METAL OVER AM... LP Mausoleum, m-/ex-, price sticker,... Details 15,00 €
V/A NORTH AMERICA... LP Plastic Head, ex+/ex-, Horde of... Details 10,00 €
V/A THRASH SANCTUARY 7" MCR Company, wraparound p/s, ex/m-,... Details 15,00 €
V/A U.S. METAL V... LP Shrapnel, ex++/ex-, Exxe,... Details 18,00 €
V/A WARRIORS OF D... LP Dark Sun Records, 4 page insert, #... Details 10,00 €
V/A WILD RAGS Limited Edition DLP Wild Rags, gatefold cover, inserts,... Details 30,00 €
VAN HALEN Van Halen II Warner, Japanese pressing, obi, lyric... Details 20,00 €