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Cult Rock Classics/ Sonic Age Records, black vinyl, ltd 200, WINTERHAWK from San Francisco, was a Native American hard rock band, founded by Nik Alexander, singer and guitar player extraordinaire. The band started in 1978 and until 1984 released two amazing rock albums, "Electric Warriors" (in 1979) and "Dog Soldier" (in 1981) on John Wagner's Mother Earth Records. Both albums are considered to be huge classics and the original vinyl records are monster rarities, being impossible to find and among the most sought after U.S. rock records of the 70s and 80s. It was about time for these two classic gems to be available again on vinyl format! Unfortunately, Nik Alexander passed away a few years ago but his memory lives on through the timeless compositions he created, that will surely be remembered and enjoyed by every serious music fan and collector unto the ages of the ages. HAIL!

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