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VODU - Seeds of Destruction + No Way DLP BLACK

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Lost Realm Records, black vinyl, ltd. 200, hand-numbered certificate, A3 poster, booklet, insert, After the success of the album "The Final Conflict", VODU continued on its way to being one of the leading bands in the Brazilian metal scene. The album "Seeds Of Destruction" released in 1988 was undoubtedly the epitome of its career. Let's be honest: we are talking about one of the best thrash albums made in Brazil! Excellent songwriting, heavy production and a high dose of sonic fury make this album essential for any record collector or of speed/thrash fanatic! A tremendous album that also includes the special participation of André Matos (R.I.P.) from VIPER, on the backing vocals. In this special edition, we also added the rare 1989 EP "No Way" with its 5 songs (2 live performances and 3 studio recordings). A total of 13 songs in a deluxe edition that no one can miss!

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