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Skol Records, limited CD edition, only 500 copies worldwide. The original Heavy Metal Maniacs, originators of Thrash Metal, godfathers of Speed Metal. EXCITER had many labels, and all of them confirm the fact, that EXCITER are the ultimate Metal legends. As their debut album entitled "Heavy Metal Maniac" came out one month before METALLICA's iconic "Kill 'Em All", many fans will agree that it's the Canadian trio that actually invented Thrash Metal. Their story could fill few thick books, and their albums have cult status between next generations of Metal bands. Now, more than 30 years later, some of the best Heavy Metal bands, both young, and those who were already fighting for Metal back in the day, in the '80s, joined forces on the first ever EXCITER tribute album. The "Pounding Metal - A Tribute To EXCITER" includes classics of the legendary Canadian trio performed by: ATTACKER, EVIL INVADERS, CRYSTAL VIPER, IRONSWORD, RANGER, RAM, MASTERS OF DISGUISE, SAVAGE MASTER, OCTOBER 31, VISIGOTH, GATEKEEPER and VULTURE.

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