UNKNOWN DEATH (pre-Terrorizer) - Demo 1987 LP BLACK

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F.O.A.D. Records, black vinyl, ltd 200, UNKNOWN DEATH, one of the first bands previously had by legendary grindcore masters Oscar Garcia and Jesse Pintado, before Peter Sandoval joined forces. Before Pete there was a local drummer, Fish Perez who?d been a friend in the L.A. scene for several years. With heavy influences in the likes of Death, Bathory, Venom, early Napalm Death, etc., Unknown Death began making noise in the mid 80's in any downtown warehouse that would house them. During this period they recorded their debut 12 song demo tape, self-titled UNKNOWN DEATH which was well received locally. Unknown Death seldom played at this point, rehearsals began to dwindle, and members became laxed. A short time later during a missed rehearsal by Fish, Pete was brought to Unknown Death?s rehearsal by a mutual friend and was asked to jump in on drums. Immediately after, Oscar & Jesse knew they had found a drummer to equal their raw talent and energy. Shortly thereafter, Unknown Death would split due to differences and TERRORIZER would be born to become one of the most influential bands in grindcorehistory ?. Before TERRORIZER, before NAUSEA, before MAJESTY, experience the ultra raw Death Metal aggression of LA's UNKNOWN DEATH!! Freshly ripped from the best sounding tape provided by band members, restored and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio.

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