THRONE - The Full Moon Sessions CD

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VIC Records, THRONE was formed in 1995 by AJ Drenth (Beyond Belief, ex Asphyx, Temple) and Bob Bagchus (Asphyx, Soulburn) and Eric Daniels (Asphyx, Soulburn, Grand Supreme Blood Court). They wanted to create dark music like their first wave of black metal heroes: Venom, Messiah, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Eric Daniels left in an early stage and Bob Bagchus and AJ rehearsed and wrote five tracks early 1995. During the same year THRONE recorded a promo demo and a pro rehearsal (at Harrow?s Rehearsal Room). The complete THORNE discography is now released under the monicker ?The Full Moon Session?. The album is remastered at Franky?s Recording Kitchen by Berthus Westerhuis (Asphyx, Severe Torture, God Dethroned).

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