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Karisma & Dark Essence Records AS, white vinyl, Taake?s self-titled album was recorded in the dog days of 2008. Recorded at Conclave Studio by Bjørnar E. Nilsen, this black metal classic features sole member Hoest on vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. Following the classic trilogy of ?Nattestid??, ??Bjoergvin?? and ??Doedskvad?, the ?Taake? album signalled a new start, with Taake becoming a more active live band. Originally released on CD, a very limited vinyl version was released in 2009. It has never been available on vinyl since (except for last year?s career spanning picture disc box set ?7 Fjell?), and the original pressing is currently selling for ridiculous prices on the secondary market. After much persuasion from fans, we are now reissuing this classic album on both regular black and limited white vinyl. To separate it from the original version, this one has an alternate cover picture from the same photo session as the original cover.

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