STORMCHILD - Lightning Never Strikes Twice CD

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Skol Records, The roots of Stormchild go way back to the year 1979: ?We wanted to look and sound different from the usual bands at the time and worked on our stage show with bombs and pyrotechnics. We wrote our own stuff from the start and were really ambitious. Stormchild built up their following and fan base by playing live. We played all over and were known for being good live musicians. Music was our life back then, and still is.? says Stormchild founder, Chris Mitchell. There was a new style of rock and metal emerging after punk, and we were out at the same time as Def Leppard, Maiden, Saxon, Magnum etc but never felt that we were N.W.O.B.H.M. We knew we had a unique sound and to us it was more like melodic metal. Looking back, we were at the start of it all, I suppose. We had so many influences ranging from UFO, Sweet, Rainbow, Ozzy, Van Halen. The list is endless, and there is a mix of all those influences in our playing.? he adds. The band released the nowadays legendary single in 1982 (also available as split with Big Daisy), but things didn't go as planned. In 2012 German label High Roller released a compilation of the early Stormchild recordings, but now it's time to finish what has been once started. The actual Stormchild debut album, "Lightning Never Strikes Twice", will be released on Skol Records.

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