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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, turquoise split vinyl, insert, In our books, STEEL ANGEL from France are simply one of the top 3 French bands of all time. Their two albums are nothing but solid heavy metal with some of the best riffs ever penned by a European metal band, imposing choruses and great vocals. Both albums contain only classic metal compositions with no filler moments. The last years, both albums have become extremely hard to find in a decent playing condition so it was about time for them to be properly reissued as remastered vinyl editions including bonus tracks. This is the second and last album of STEEL ANGEL featuring immortal anthems like "Born in the Ocean", "Children of the Night" and "Searching for the Light". We also included the two songs from the amazing '85 French compilation "French Connection Vol 1". It is not an exaggeration to write that both songs from the compilation are such great that not only they could have been included in any STEEL ANGEL album but they're easily among the 4-5 best songs the band ever penned. Simply mind blowing stuff. This edition features remastered sound and insert with photos and detailed band story.

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