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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, ltd 500, There are no words needed for one of the top ten U.S. metal albums of the 80's. Featuring metal rippers like the title-track , "City of Sirtel", "Black Rose and Thorns", what we deal with here is a monster from the golden scene of Chicago in the 80's, featuring remastered sound, lyrics, liner notes and three bonus songs, of which "Saint's Revenge" you get to hear for the first time in its complete form in an official release of the band. The original classic album of the band is one of the most hard to find U.S. metal albums and even the reissues fetch sky high prices, so it was about time to get the ultimate edition of this immortal classic. Dedicated to the memory of Jonathon Stewart (singer) and David Bonow (drummer), with the blessings of Brent Sullivan (bassist) and Paul Kratky (guitarist), be prepared for quite possibly the ultimate reissue of 2021.

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