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Cadiz Music, Formed in 1979, Satan's Empire initially made an impact on the NWOBHM scene and are remembered chiefly for the track 'Soldiers of War', which featured on the compilation cassette 'Lead Weight', released by Neat Records in 1981, and which has since gained serious cult status. Formed in Dundee, but then relocating to London, the band reformed due to irresistible demand from fans. The reborn band made their debut at the hugely acclaimed UK NWOBHM event 'Brofest' in 2016. Since that barnstorming initial live show, Satan's Empire have stormed their way back into the vanguard of the resurgent NWOBHM and are continuing to gather new fans young and old. Tracklisting: 1. Slaves Of Satan / 2. Shout It Out (Hail!) / 3. Satan's Empire / 4. Soldiers Of War / 5. Dragonslayer / 6. Come Back / 7. On The Road To Hell / 8. Lucifer / 9. Politician / 10. Suicide Man

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