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Greyhaze Records, 2 color split vinyl, Greyhaze Records is proud to announce its release of Sarcófago?s The Worst. The album is released for the first time on vinyl, complementing the already existing CD version. The Worst comes back with a high-quality remastering from original master tapes, including never-before published photos of the band. Released in the mid 90?s Sarcófago?s The Worst served as a final spit in the face of all the false metal that was beginning to dominate at the time, such as Grunge and Nu Metal. It was, thus, a manifest of what Metal music should truly represent: ugly non-conforming, bizarre, Satanic noise. Yes, the lyrics are as crude and broken as can be. And yes, the drums are electronic. Yet, Sarcófago?s The Worst is one of the most cherished offerings by the band and a clear symbol that despite attacks into its very essence and never-ending attempts into taming the genre, Metal?s flag of hate will always be unfurled.

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