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SACRIFICE - 35th Anniversary Edition 1985-2020 MLP BLACK

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, black vinyl, insert, ltd 200, Without doubt, SACRIFICE belongs to that special category of bands that even though they were short lived and only got to release a few songs, their music legacy managed to survive to this day leading to an unprecedented legendary status. Their only 7'' single originally released back in 1985 is widely regarded as the ULTIMATE holy grail of Swedish singles, making it by far the most wanted 80's Swedish metal item. After closely collaborating with the great singer of the band, Anders Strengberg, over a period of several months, we put together for you the ultimate SACRIFICE collection of songs, with great remastered sound, booklet with lyrics, liner notes and a detailed story put together by Janne Stark of OVERDRIVE, OVERHEAT etc and author of the Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Encyclopedia. If you wanna find out what the fuss is all about, make yourself the perfect gift and listen to immortal classics like "Street Fighter", "Innocent Victim" and "So You Better Run".

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