SACRED ALIEN - Legends 1980-1983 CD

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Skol Records, The goldmine known as the New Wave Wave Of British Heavy Metal, seems to be endless. Whenever we think that everything has already been discovered and reissued, we find information about another band, another demo, or another single. Sure, NWOBHM gave us the legendary IRON MAIDEN, SAXON or DIAMOND HEAD, but let's be honest: the real power of the NWOBHM, has been generated by hundreds of underground acts. And SACRED ALIEN was one of them! The Manchester based squad might be known to die hard fans of the genre, as they released one 7" single in 1981, and one split EP (with glam rockers VIRGIN) two years later. Skol Records is proud to present a collection of 10 recordings which SACRED ALIEN recorded between 1980 and 1983.

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