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SABBAT - Asian Demonslaught CD

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Skol Records, England has VENOM, Sweden has BATHORY, Japan has SABBAT! The term "legendary" is surely overused these days, but if we want to describe SABBAT properly, then we actually have no other choice. The band was formed in 1984 (earlier knows as "EVIL"), debuted in 1985, and actually never stopped to be active. Their discography includes more than 200 (yes, 200!) studio and live albums, singles, EPs, tapes and other releases. "Asian Demonslaught" is a collection of 5 first singles which the band released between 1985 and 1990, with NEW MASTERING / RESTORATION. While band's style evolved into unique, traditional Metal based brand of Black Metal (or as the band used to call it - Blacking Metal), the early recordings show the Classic Metal roots of the band.

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