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High Roller Records works at full power and there are no restrictions for online shops, however there are a few restrictions for international shipping!
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Due to the worldwide Corona pandemia there are now restrictions for certain countries.
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We won't deliver to these countries:

  • Australia
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We won't deliver to certain postcode areas in these countries:

max weight 25,00kg
Medicina (40059), Ariano Irpino (83031), Polla (84035), Sala Consilina (84036), Atena Lucana (84030), Caggiano (84030), San Lucido (87038), Montebello Ionico (89064), Caulonia (89041)

Region Innsbruck: 6450 Sölden, 6452 Hochsölden, 6456 Obergurgl, Hochgurgl, 6458 Vent, 6553 See, Paznaun, 6555 Kappl, 6561 Ischgl, 6562 Mathon, 6563 Galtür, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Christoph, Region Kufstein: 9844 Heiligenblut, Region Salzburg: 5542 Flachau, 5611 Grossarl, 5612 Hüttschlag, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, 5632 Dorfgastein, 5640 & 5645 Bad Gastein, Region Vorarlberg: 6762 Stuben, 6763 Zürs, 6764 Lech, 6767 Warth, 6888 Schröcken

3880-XXX bis 3885-XXX

Czech Republic:
78321, 78324, 78391, 78401, 58401

The measurements and weight do not get exceeded in France: max weight 15,00kg and dimension limit 60x60x60

There is no Warenpost International available for USA.
From April 1st on plus 16,00 EUR per parcel crisis surcharge international for USA for both shipping options, DHL Economy and DHL Premium.

You can continue placing orders even if these rules do affect you. But please mind that we won´t ship any orders before the restrictions are lifted.

We will update this list daily as we expect more changes to occur!

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777 Feel the Fire MCD Urtod Void Details 9,99 €
ACE LANE See You in Heaven CD (MAUSOLEUM CLASSIX) Mausoleum Classix Details 12,99 €
ADMIRAL SIR CLOUD... Very Uncertain Times CD Rise Above, The more things change,... Details 12,99 €
AKTOR Paranoia CD High Roller Records/ Full Contact Details 3,99 €
ALCEST Spiritual Instinct CD DIGI Nuclear Blast Details 16,99 €
ASHBURY Eye of the Stygian Witches SLIPCASE CD High Roller Records, slipcase with... Details 13,99 €
AXAS Broken Dreams DCD Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age... Details 16,99 €
BANG Death of a Country CD DIGI Svart Records, digipak Details 8,99 €
BANG Mother / Bow to the King CD DIGI Svart Records, digipak Details 8,99 €
BANG Music & Lost Singles CD DIGI Svart Records, digipak Details 8,99 €
BEASTMILK Climax CD Svart Records,"Apocalyptic visions... Details 8,99 €
BLACKSMITH Gipsy Queen - The Early Years 83-86 CD No Remorse Records, The early... Details 13,99 €
BLOOD CEREMONY Lord of Misrule CD Rise Above Details 12,99 €
BLOOD CEREMONY s/t CD Rise Above Details 11,99 €
BRANT BJORK Tao of the Devil CD DIGI Napalm Records, digipak, bonus track Details 4,99 €
BRATS 1980 SLIPCASE CD High Roller Records, slipcase,... Details 13,99 €
CLUTCH Impetus CD DIGI FDR Earache Records, reissue 2018,... Details 13,99 €
DAUTHA Brethren of the Black Soil CD DIGI Van Records, three panel digipack... Details 12,99 €
DEAD LORD Goodbye Repentance CD High Roller Records, reissue 2017,... Details 11,99 €
DEAD LORD In Ignorance We Trust CD DIGI Century Media, patch Details 15,99 €
DEADHEADS Loadead CD DIGI High Roller Records, bonus track... Details 6,99 €
DEADHEADS Loadead CD JAPAN Spiritual Beast, Japan Import, obi,... Details 7,99 €
DEADHEADS Loadead CD JEWEL High Roller Records, standard... Details 4,99 €
DEADHEADS Loadead LTD DIGI CD BOX SET High Roller Records, ltd 500 box set,... Details 4,99 €
  • Variationen
  • DEADHEADS This Is Deadheads First Album CD High Roller Records Details 1,99 €
    DEADHEADS This One Goes To 11 CD High Roller Records Details 7,99 €
    DEMON EYE Prophecies and Lies CD Soulseller Records, DEMON EYE are... Details 12,99 €
    DRASTUS DOMJORDSporer CD DIGI Vidfare Productions / Norma... Details 12,99 €
    DOOL Here Now, There Then CD DIGI Prophecy Productions, Holland's most... Details 13,99 €
    DOOL Love Like Blood MCD DIGI Prophecy Productions, 3 exclusive tracks Details 8,99 €
    DOOL Oweynagat MCD Prophecy Productions, Featuring... Details 6,99 €
    DOOL Summerland DCD ARTBOOK Prophecy Productions, 2CD artbook... Details 34,99 €
    ELDER Lore CD Stickman Records Details 14,99 €
    EUROPE Walk the Earth CD+DVD Silver Lining Music/ Hell& Back Details 14,99 €
    FLIGHT 19 The Anthology CD Obscure Nwobhm Releases 2020, Formed... Details 14,99 €
    FOREVER s/t CD Evil Confrontation Records, The wait... Details 12,99 €
    FORNDOM Faþir CD Nordvis Productions, The culture,... Details 14,99 €
    FORTNOX s/t CD Rock Candy Details 15,99 €
    FREEWAYS True Bearings CD Temple of Mystery, CANADIAN HEAVY... Details 9,99 €
    GLANVILLE First Blood MCD Fat & Holy Records, cardboard sleeve Details 7,99 €
    GOLD Interbellum DIGI CD Van Records, digipack with booklet w.... Details 9,99 €
    GRANDE ROYALE Breaking News CD DIGI The Sign Records Details 15,99 €
    GRAVE PLEASURES Doomsday Roadburn CD Svart Records, Grave Pleasures... Details 14,99 €
    GRAVE PLEASURES Motherblood CD JEWEL Century Media Details 13,99 €
    GRAVE PLEASURES Motherblood CD MEDIABOOK Century Media Details 15,99 €
    GRAVEYARD Peace CD DIGI Nuclear Blast Details 16,99 €
    GREEN LUNG Woodland Rites DCD DIGI Svart Records, A double digipak... Details 15,99 €
    HEAVY TIGER Saigon Kiss CD DIGI High Roller Records, digipack, booklet Details 11,99 €
    HEAVY TIGER Saigon Kiss CD JAPAN Spiritual Beast, Japanese edition,... Details 13,99 €
    HELIX Breaking Loose CD Progaor Records, HELIX are a Canadian... Details 13,99 €
    HELIX White Lace and Black Leather CD Progaor Records, HELIX are a Canadian... Details 13,99 €
    HEXVESSEL All Tree CD DIGI Century Media Details 16,99 €
    HEXVESSEL Kindred CD Svart Records, Psychedelic forest... Details 13,99 €
    HONEYMOON DISEASE Part Human, Mostly Beast CD DIGI The Sign Records Details 15,99 €
    HORISONT About Time CD DIGI Century Media Details 13,99 €
    HORISONT Sudden Death CD BOX SET Century Media, Details 26,99 €
    HORISONT Sudden Death CD DIGI Century Media Details 15,99 €
    HORISONT Time Warriors CD Rise Above Details 10,99 €
    HÄLLAS Conundrum CD Napalm Records Details 13,99 €
    HÄLLAS Excerpts From a Future Past CD DIGI The Sign Records Details 12,99 €
    HÄLLAS s/t CD DIGI The Sign Records Details 9,99 €
    IF THESE TREES CO... The Bones of a Dying World CD DIGI Metal Blade, Formed in 2005, If These... Details 13,99 €
    IN THE WOODS Cease The Day CD DIGI Debemur Morti, Continuing to refine... Details 9,99 €
    INTERACTION Warriors DCD Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age... Details 16,99 €
    IRON GRIFFIN Curse of the Sky CD Gates Of Hell, Already known for his... Details 12,99 €
    JACK STARR A Minor Disturbance CD Minotauro, featuring: Randy Coven and... Details 11,99 €
    JESS AND THE ANCI... 2nd Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes CD Svart Records Details 13,99 €
    JESS AND THE ANCI... The Horse and Other Weird Tales CD Svart Records, Third time around for... Details 13,99 €
    JOSEPH THOLL Devil's Drum SLIPCASE CD High Roller Records, slipcase Details 13,99 €
    K. WEST First Invasion CD (MAUSOLEUM CLASSIX) Mausoleum Classix Details 12,99 €
    KADAVAR For the Dead Travel Fast CD DIGI + BLU RAY Nuclear Blast Records Details 17,99 €
    KADAVAR Rough Times CD JEWEL Nuclear Blast Records Details 15,99 €
    KANSAS The Prelude Implicit CD DIGI Century Media, special edition... Details 9,99 €
    KANSAS The Prelude Implicit CD JEWEL Century Media, first studio album in... Details 8,99 €
    KING DUDE Sex CD DIGI Van Records, fullcolored digipack-... Details 8,99 €
    KING DUDE Tonight's Special Death CD DIGI Van Records, reissue 2018 Details 12,99 €
    KVELERTAK Splid CD Rise Details 16,99 €
    LEGEND From the Fjords CD JEWEL + SLIPCASE Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age... Details 16,99 €
    LEWIS & THE STRAN... Evade Your Soul CD Soulseller Records, Spanish... Details 12,99 €
    LUCIFER Lucifer I CD Rise Above, slipcase, Lucifer is the... Details 12,99 €
    LUST Hollywood Roxx 1976-80: Studio Sessions CD Progaor Records, LUST were the best... Details 12,99 €
    LYKANTROPI s/t CD Lightning Records Details 11,99 €
    MAGNUM Lost on the Road to Eternity DCD DIGI SPV, bonus live CD: Details 17,99 €
    MAGNUM The Serpent Rings CD DIGI Steamhammer Details 15,99 €
    MAIDAVALE Madness is Too Pure CD The Sign Records Details 12,99 €
    MAIDAVALE Tales of the Wicked West CD The Sign Records Details 12,99 €
    MICHAEL ROSS Do I Ever Cross Your Mind CD Blood and Iron /Progaor, Released for... Details 4,99 €
    MIRROR s/t CD DIGI Metal Blade, The brainchild of... Details 13,99 €
    MONSTER MAGNET Mindfucker CD DIGI Napalm Records Details 13,99 €
    MOON CHAMBER Lore of the Land CD No Remorse Records, Epic Hard Rock... Details 14,99 €
    NAZARETH Tattooed on My Brain CD Frontier Records, 24th studio album Details 17,99 €
    NECROMANDUS s/t CD DIGI Mandus Records, The tale of... Details 12,99 €
    OPETH In Cauda Venenum DCD DIGI Nuclear Blast, english and swedish... Details 18,99 €
    OPETH In Cauda Venenum SWEDISH VERSION CD JEWEL Nuclear Blast, swedish version Details 16,99 €
    OPETH The Roundhouse Tapes DCD+DVD Peaceville, The Roundhouse Tapes... Details 19,99 €
    OZZY OSBOURNE Ordinary Man CD DELUXE Epic, 6-panel softpack special board,... Details 18,99 €
    OZZY OSBOURNE Ordinary Man CD JEWEL Epic, 16 page booklet, sticker, the... Details 14,99 €
    PANTHER s/t CD No Remorse, 4 bonus tracks, PANTHER... Details 13,99 €
    PINK FLOYD The Later Years 1987-2019 BOX SET The Ultimate 18-disc collection of... Details 344,99 €
    PSYCHEDELIC WITCH... Magick Rites and Spells CD DIGI Soulseller Records, Following last... Details 12,99 €