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Peaceville, The essential cult second studio album from Rotting Christ (originally released in 1994). Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ formed in 1988, with their early demo recordings containing strong Grindcore elements as the band quickly evolved their style into something altogether darker. Spearheaded by brothers Sakis and Themis Tolis, Rotting Christ have remained one of the strongest and most respected forces in the Black Metal scene since its debut release Passage of Arcturo. The band's march towards greatness was cemented even further by Non Serviam, the follow-up album to Thy Mighty Contract, helping to firmly establish the Greek scene as being among the most essential Black Metal movements of the early 1990s. Non Serviam (which in Latin means, ?I Will Not Serve?) was Rotting Christ?s second full-length album. It saw the band progress with its dark occult atmospherics and highly distinctive style, while retaining ta core Black Metal brutality. With a clear distinction betweenRotting Christ?s sound and what was appearing in Scandinavia at the time, the band were highly influentialand& revered for forging their own sound while retaining the rawness of the old-school masters such as Celtic Frost and Venom.

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