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High Roller Records arbeitet mit voller Kraft und es gibt für Online Shops keinerlei Einschränkungen, jedoch gibt es ein paar Einschränkungen beim internationalen Versand.
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High Roller Records works at full power and there are no restrictions for online shops, however there are a few restrictions for international shipping!
We’ll keep you daily up to date!

Due to the worldwide Corona pandemia there are now restrictions for certain countries.
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We won't deliver to these countries:

  • Australia
  • China/ Hongkong
  • Argentinia
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Singapur
  • South Africa
  • Thailand

We won't deliver to certain postcode areas in these countries:

max weight 25,00kg
Medicina (40059), Ariano Irpino (83031), Polla (84035), Sala Consilina (84036), Atena Lucana (84030), Caggiano (84030), San Lucido (87038), Montebello Ionico (89064), Caulonia (89041)

Region Innsbruck: 6450 Sölden, 6452 Hochsölden, 6456 Obergurgl, Hochgurgl, 6458 Vent, 6553 See, Paznaun, 6555 Kappl, 6561 Ischgl, 6562 Mathon, 6563 Galtür, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Christoph, Region Kufstein: 9844 Heiligenblut, Region Salzburg: 5542 Flachau, 5611 Grossarl, 5612 Hüttschlag, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, 5632 Dorfgastein, 5640 & 5645 Bad Gastein, Region Vorarlberg: 6762 Stuben, 6763 Zürs, 6764 Lech, 6767 Warth, 6888 Schröcken

3880-XXX bis 3885-XXX

Czech Republic:
78321, 78324, 78391, 78401, 58401

The measurements and weight do not get exceeded in France: max weight 15,00kg and dimension limit 60x60x60

There is no Warenpost International available for USA.
From April 1st on plus 16,00 EUR per parcel crisis surcharge international for USA for both shipping options, DHL Economy and DHL Premium.

You can continue placing orders even if these rules do affect you. But please mind that we won´t ship any orders before the restrictions are lifted.

We will update this list daily as we expect more changes to occur!

Take care and stay healthy!


ACCÜSED Jeff Ament Presents Murder in Montana Captured Live in Concert May 1, 1983 CD Portnow Intertainment Group Details 12,99 €
ACCÜSED The Return of Martha Splatterhead CD DIGI Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
AMEBIX Monolith CD DIGI Dissonance Details 12,99 €
AMEBIX Monolith CD JEWEL Heavy Metal Records Details 12,99 €
ANTI CIMEX Victims of a Bomb Raid - The Discography 3CD Dissonance, Superb collection of... Details 14,99 €
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT The Collection CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
AXEGRINDER Satori CD Rise Above. First full-length album... Details 12,99 €
BAD RELIGION Age of Unreason CD Epitaph Details 14,99 €
BEASTMILK Climax CD Svart Records,"Apocalyptic visions... Details 8,99 €
BL'AST! The Expression of Power CD Southern Lord, "The Expression Of... Details 16,99 €
BLACKRAT Dread Reverence CD Shadow Kingdom Details 12,99 €
BRATS 1980 SLIPCASE CD High Roller Records, slipcase,... Details 13,99 €
BROKEN BONES Broken Bones 3CD Westworld, This Broken Bones release... Details 14,99 €
CHRIST ON PARADE Sounds of Nature CD Neurot Recordings Details 9,99 €
CORROSION OF CONF... Animosity CD Metal Blade Details 9,99 €
CORROSION OF CONF... No Cross No Crown CD DIGI Nuclear Blast Details 15,99 €
CRUMBSUCKERS Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983-1985 DCD DIGI F.O.A.D. Records, digipack, bonus CD... Details 14,99 €
D.R.I. Crossover - Millenium Edition CD Beer City Records Details 15,99 €
D.R.I. Dealing With It! CD Beer City Records Details 14,99 €
D.R.I. Dirty Rotten CD Beer City Records, Tracks 1 - 22:... Details 14,99 €
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Corporate Whore CD Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Deathrace 2000 CD Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Here Today Guano Tomorrow CD Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Holy Shiite CD Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
DAYGLO ABORTIONS Litte Man in the Canoe CD Unrest Records Details 10,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Bedtime for Democracy CD Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Frankenchrist CD Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables CD Cherry Red Details 11,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Give Me Convenience CD Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Live ... The Old Waldorf 1979 CD Interference, DEAD KENNEDYS - Live at... Details 16,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Live at the Deaf Club CD DIGI Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Mutiny On the Bay CD Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEAD KENNEDYS Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust CD Decay Records Details 12,99 €
DEATH TOLL 80K Step Down CD Svart Records, Oh wow. This is good.... Details 7,99 €
DEVIATED INSTINCT Welcome to the Orgy CD DIGI Peaceville, featuring the band's... Details 12,99 €
DISCHARGE Decontrol - The Singles CD DIGI Westworld, digipack Details 13,99 €
DISCHARGE End of Days CD Nuclear Blast Details 15,99 €
DISCHARGE Grave New World CD DIGI Westworld, digipack, "Grave New... Details 12,99 €
DISCHARGE Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing CD DIGI Captain Oi!, One of THE seminal Punk... Details 12,99 €
DISCHARGE Society's Victim 3CD BOX Westworld, This Discharge 3CD release... Details 13,99 €
DISCHARGE The Nightmare Continues CD DIGI Westworld, digipack Details 13,99 €
DISCHARGE Why CD DIGI Captain Oi!, Deluxe digi-pak reissue... Details 11,99 €
DOOM Total Doom CD DIGI Peaceville Records, Doom is an... Details 9,99 €
ELECTRO HIPPIES Deception of the Instigator of Tomorrow ... (Collected Works 1985-1987) CD Boss Tuneage, 60 tracks, 12-page... Details 12,99 €
EXTREME NOISE TERROR A Holocaust in Your Head CD DIGI Westworld Details 12,99 €
EXTREME NOISE TERROR Phonophobia - The Second Coming CD Grave Wax Records Details 13,99 €
EXTREME NOISE TERROR s/t CD Grindscene Records Details 9,99 €
F.U.'S Kill for Christ CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
FINAL CONFLICT Ashes to Ashes DCD Tankcrimes, bonus tracks "Nineteen... Details 13,99 €
G.B.H. No Need to Panic CD Captain Oi!, bonus tracks "Wot A... Details 11,99 €
G.B.H. Punk Singles 1981-1984 CD DIGI Captain Oi!, digipak Details 12,99 €
G.B.H. Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings 3CD BOX Captain Oi!, digipak Details 14,99 €
HERESY Face up to it! 30th Anniversary Edition CD Boss Tuneage, expanded 30th... Details 12,99 €
INSANITY ALERT 666-Pack CD Season Of Mist, With ?666-Pack?,... Details 13,99 €
INSECT WARFARE Entomological Siege 2004/2009 DCD+DVD F.O.A.D., 2 x CD + DVD housed in a 8... Details 17,99 €
IRON LAMB Blue Haze CD The Sign Records, Iron Lamb have... Details 7,99 €
IRON LAMB Fool's Gold CD High Roller Records, 5c printed booklet Details 4,99 €
JERRY'S KIDS Is This My World? CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
JERRY'S KIDS Kill Kill Kill CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
KVELERTAK Splid CD Rise Details 16,99 €
MARTYRDÖD Hexhammaren CD O-CARD Century Media Details 13,99 €
MINKIONS Distorted Pictures from Distorted Reality CD F.O.A.D. Records Details 7,99 €
NAUSEA World Struggle: Demo 88-92 CD DIGI F.O.A.D. Records Details 12,99 €
NEUROSIS Fires Within Fires CD Neurot Details 14,99 €
NEUROSIS The Word As Law CD Neurot, reissue 2017 Details 14,99 €
PLASMATICS Beyond the Valley of 1984 CD Plasmatic Media Details 12,99 €
PLASMATICS Coup de Grace CD Plasmatic Media Details 13,99 €
PLASMATICS Put Your Love In Me CD Plasmatic Media Details 12,99 €
PLASMATICS / WOW Kommander of Kaos CD Plasmatic Media Details 13,99 €
PLASMATICS / WOW W.O.W. CD Plasmatic Media Details 13,99 €
POISON HEADACHE s/t CD Metal Blade, while San Diego might... Details 7,99 €
POISON IDEA Blank Blackout Vacant CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
POISON IDEA Confuse and Conquer CD Southern Lord Details 14,99 €
POISON IDEA Pick Your King CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
PROJECT X Straight Edge Revenge MCD Bridge Nine Records Details 8,49 €
PRONG Zero Days CD DIGI SPV, bonus track Details 16,99 €
RAMONES Eaten Alive CD Chrome Dreams Details 12,99 €
RAMONES Loco Live DCD Captain Oi! Details 14,99 €
RAW POWER After Your Brain CD DIGI F.O.A.D. Records, redux edition Details 9,99 €
RAW POWER Mine to Kill CD DIGI EXTENDED VERSION F.O.A.D. Records, After "You are the... Details 11,99 €
RAW POWER You are the Victim / God's Course CD DIGI F.O.A.D. Records Details 9,99 €
SACRILEGE Behind the Realms of Madness CD Relapse, reissue 2015, Relapse is... Details 12,99 €
SATAN'S SATYRS The Lucky Ones CD Bad Omen Records, NEW ALBUM from... Details 12,99 €
SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS Disgrace to Music DCD Selfmadegod Records, Disgrace to... Details 7,99 €
SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS Them CD Selfmadegod Records Details 4,99 €
SEPTIC TANK Rotting Civilisation CD Rise Above, Features members Lee... Details 12,99 €
SICK OF IT ALL Nonstop CD+DVD Century Media, re-recordings Details 17,99 €
SLAPSHOT Make America Hate Again CD DIGI Bridge Nine Records, Boston hardcore... Details 11,99 €
SLAPSHOT Sudden Death Overtime CD Taang Records Details 12,99 €
SOROR DOLOROSA Apollo 3CD+DVD ARTBOOK Prophecy, ltd 750, hardcover artbook... Details 39,99 €
SSD Power CD Taang Records, reissue Details 12,99 €
STUPIDS Japanese Vacation CD Boss Tuneage Details 8,99 €
STUPIDS Peruvian Vacation CD DIGI Boss Tuneage, special vinyl effect CD Details 11,99 €
STUPIDS Peruvian Vacation CD JEWEL Boss Tuneage, jewelcase version Details 11,99 €
STUPIDS The Complete BBC Peel Sessions CD Boss Tuneage Details 11,99 €
STUPIDS The Kids don't like it CD Boss Tuneage Details 11,99 €
STUPIDS Van Stupid / Frankfurter CD Visible Noise Details 11,99 €
STUPIDS Violent Nun CD Boss Tuneage Details 11,99 €
THE BOOHOOS Rock for Real CD Minotauro, papersleeve, obi Details 14,99 €
THE EXPLOITED Exploited Barmy Army 3CD Westworld Recordings, 3 CD Box Set Details 14,99 €