PUBLICIST UK - Forgive Yourself CD

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Relapse, debut album by Publicist UK, a post-punk band comprised of members of Municipal Waste, Revocation, Goes Cube, Discordance Axis, Burnt By The Sun and more. Sounding like Ian Curtis on a Charles Bukowski bender, Publicist UK are driven by the dark baritone of vocalist Zachary Lipez. With a cerebral, dark and at times almost dance-able groove, Forgive Yourself is one of the most intriguing cross-genre debuts in many years. "a heavy take on dark post-punk" - Brooklyn Vegan "a post-punk piece of gloomy rock candy. If you enjoyed Beastmilk, you should love Publicist UK." - Brain Trust "one helluva lineup that sounds like like The Cure meets Pavement" - MetalSucks

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