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PHAËTHON (PHAETHON) - Sacrifice Doth Call MLP

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Cruz Del Sur, black vinyl, insert, Old-school heavy metal that taps into Manilla Road, Bathory and Pagan Altar! On their debut Sacrifice Doth Call five-song mini-album, the U.K.?s Phaëthon carry the torch for classic, epic heavy metal! When the global lockdown related to the Coronavirus began in March 2020, Phaëthon vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Vrath found himself isolated and out of excuses ? this was the time to start the metal band he always envisioned. He had been gathering riffs and ideas for nearly 20 years but never had the right opportunity to unleash them upon the metal world. There was always something standing in the way ? other bands, real-life and his relentless drive for perfection. Holed up in his home studio in London, Vrath (who originally hails from Finland) spent countless hours every day going through his old ideas. Soon, full-bodied, fleshed-out songs started to form. He started working on his vocals, convinced there was no one else worthy to sing these songs. His co-conspirator, bassist Aees, laid down his tracks in Greece. Drummer Herr Berthelsen recorded session drums. And thus, Phaëthon was spawned during the great plague of 2020.

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