PESTILENCE - Prophetic Revelations 1987-1993 PICTURE LP BOX

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Hammerheart Records, After one of the most succesfull years in their already more than impressive career Pestilence announces a final release for 2018.... and what a release this will be! Under the name ?Prophetic Revelations 1987-1993? Pestilence and Hammerheart Records present you a killer boxed-set of their first four legendary albums as 180 grams Picture-LP?s, in a high quality box, with some more extra's added. This will be a one-time limited release of 1.000 copies worldwide. This box includes: -Consuming Impulse Picture-LP -Malleus Maleficarum Picture-LP-Testimony Of The Ancients Picture-LP -Spheres Picture-LP -Slipmat -A2 Poster

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