Dear customer / Liebe Kunden,

High Roller Records arbeitet mit voller Kraft und es gibt für Online Shops keinerlei Einschränkungen, jedoch gibt es ein paar Einschränkungen beim internationalen Versand.
Wir halten Euch täglich auf dem neuesten Stand

High Roller Records works at full power and there are no restrictions for online shops, however there are a few restrictions for international shipping!
We’ll keep you daily up to date!

Due to the worldwide Corona pandemia there are now restrictions for certain countries.
(further information at

We won't deliver to these countries:

  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines


There is no Warenpost International available for USA.

You can continue placing orders even if these rules do affect you. But please mind that we won't ship any orders before the restrictions are lifted.

We will update this list daily as we expect more changes to occur!

Take care and stay healthy!


PENTAGRAM Be Forwarned CD Peaceville Details 12,99 €
PENTAGRAM Be Forwarned DLP Peaceville, 180g double black vinyl... Details 23,99 €
PENTAGRAM Change of Heart MLP BLACK Iron Pegasus Records, alternative... Details 16,99 €
PENTAGRAM Change of Heart MLP PURPLE Iron Pegasus Records, purple vinyl,... Details 17,99 €
PENTAGRAM Curious Volume CD DIGI Peaceville, 1st edition, digipack, 16... Details 14,99 €
PENTAGRAM Curious Volume LP Peaceville, 180g black vinyl, The... Details 19,99 €
PENTAGRAM Day of Reckoning CD Peaceville, jewel case, obi Details 10,99 €
PENTAGRAM Day of Reckoning LP Peaceville, 180g black vinyl, printed... Details 20,99 €
PENTAGRAM Day of Reckoning PICTURE LP Peaceville, 30th anniversary picture... Details 22,99 €
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here DCD Relapse, 2016 reissue, includes a... Details 12,99 €
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here LP BLACK Relapse, 2018 reissue, black vinyl,... Details 21,99 €
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here Too DCD Relapse, 2016 reissue, newly... Details 9,99 €
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here Too DLP BLACK Relapse, 2016 reissue, gatefold... Details 29,99 €
PENTAGRAM First Daze Here Too DLP COLORED Relapse, mustard bone white vinyl,... Details 27,99 €
PENTAGRAM If the Winds would change LP SPLATTER High Roller Records, transparent... Details 15,99 €
PENTAGRAM Last Rites CD DIGI Metal Blade, digipack Details 9,99 €
PENTAGRAM Last Rites LP BLACK Metal Blade, black vinyl, gatefold... Details 13,99 €
PENTAGRAM Last Rites LP FLAME Metal Blade, flame coloured vinyl,... Details 14,99 €
PENTAGRAM Relentless CD Peaceville, jewel case Details 9,99 €
PENTAGRAM Relentless LP Peaceville, 180gsm vinyl in a deluxe... Details 21,99 €
PENTAGRAM Relentless PICTURE LP Peaceville, 2017 limited picture disc... Details 22,99 €
PENTAGRAM Review Your Choices LP BLACK Svart Records, reissue 2020, black... Details 20,99 €
PENTAGRAM Review Your Choices LP PURPLE Svart Records, reissue 2020, deep... Details 20,99 €
PENTAGRAM Sub-Basement LP AQUA BLUE Svart Records, reissue 2020, aqua... Details 21,99 €
PENTAGRAM Sub-Basement LP BLACK Svart Records, reissue 2020, black... Details 20,99 €
PENTAGRAM Turn to Stone CD DIGI Peaceville, digipack Details 12,99 €