ORANGE GOBLIN - Time Travelling Blues LP

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Rise Above, reissue 2018, 180g vinyl, gatefold cover, insert, deluxe vinyl edition of ORANGE GOBLIN's second album released for the very first time on vinyl from the original masters. Features never before seen pictures & exclusive liner notes from singer BEN WARD. Goblin singer Ben Ward recalls the album: "Time Travelling Blues came very hot on the heels of Frequencies and is considered by a lot of people as their favourite Orange Goblin album. As a band we had found our niche, the songwriting was developing all the time and we were starting to get recognised by a wider audience. Again, we still play a lot of the material from this album live but a lot of the younger fans haven?t heard it so much as its been out of print. We?re exceptionally proud that this record is being made available for the first time on vinyl from the original masters which really makes the songs stand out! Throw in the bonus tracks and the additional artwork and it makes for an awesome package."

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