NECROVOROUS - Plains of Decay CD

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Dark Descent Records, Inspired by Death Metal and Grindcore gods such as:AUTOPSY, DR.SHRINKER, IMPETIGO, HELLHAMMER, ASPHYX, (early)DEATH, MASSACRE, NECROVORE, MASTER/DEATHSTRIKE, NECROPHAGIA they started spreading some serious havoc and rampage with a series of three demos (later re-released as a single tape). In the beginning, the band's direction was pure gore, a sense of evolution and the stinking air of a more distinctive Death Metal approach started appearing with the recording of their side for the self-financed and sold out split 10" with MEATHOLE INFECTION (now GRAVE RITUAL). After the release of the split 10" the line-up collapsed, with only Vangelis F. remaining, a fact that lead to a short period of inactivity . In early 2009, Kostas K. (also in EMBRACE OF THORNS) joined as a guitarist/bassist/vocalist. This was a beginning of a new morbid era for Necrovorous. The first born, putrid offspring of that unholy intercourse was the "Crypt of the Unembalmed Cadavers" 7" EP. The debut full-length ?Funeral for the Sane?(released in 2010) found NECROVOROUS more oppressive, filthy and ominous and caused some considerable stir in the worldwide underground. The band went on to perform live, culminating in a performance at Killtown Deathfest along with FUNEBRARUM, GRAVE MIASMA, SONNE ADAM among others.

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