MONTREAUX - Night of the Hunter CD

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Obscure Nwobhm Releases 2018, ltd 500, Montreaux is a Wolverhampton based heavy rock band that was formed in 1981. The band was created by keyboard player Patrick Hatfield formally of Mafia, drummer Andy Harper formally of the Mick Hill Band and bassist Paul Hodson formally of Sabre and Hideaway! The line up was completed by the addition of Mario Janowski formerly of Tall Story and vocalist Rob Byrne who had played in various local bands in the Wolverhampton area. Montreaux quickly became an active band in the local area, gaining a sizeable following through residencies! As they became more popular they appeared at the world famous Marquee Club supporting Stray, Birmingham?s Barrel Organ Pub and also a filmed performance at the Regal Theatre, Hitchen where they appeared with Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs! They made several demos and a recording of a live performance at the Wolverhampton Polytechnic where they supported prog rockers Pallas was made! They always received positive feedback and support from the local press and their loyal fans! A fine live act, though sadly fame and fortune alluded them and they finally split in April 1984!

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