METALLICA - Woodstock 1994 DLP CLEAR

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Parachute, double clear vinyl, gatefold cover, The first half of the 1990s was a period of mixed blessings for Metallica, who by the middle of the decade had established themselves as one of the most unstoppable forces in metal. Broadcast live on local FM radio and containing cuts from their entire back catalogue, including ?Master Of Puppets?, ?For Whom The Bell Tolls?, ?One? and ?Enter Sandman?, this release captures their entire Woodstock performance which finds Metallica at the point at which they joined the mega-league of rock bands. SIDE A 1.Breadfan 2.Master Of Puppets 3.Wherever I May Roam 4.Harvester Of Sorrow SIDE B 5.Fade To Black 6.For Whom The Bell Tolls 7.Seek And Destroy SIDE C 8.Nothing Else Matters 9.Creeping Death 10.Whiplash SIDE D 11.Sad But True 12.One 13.Enter Sandman 14.So What?

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