M-16 - Locked and Loaded - 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition CD

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Progaor/ Dyamond Roxx, 80's New York Hard Rock/Metal for fans of Dokken, Fifth Angel, Whitefoxx, Battle Bratt, etc. Reissued on CD for the first time in europe includes the rare privately pressed 1988 album "Locked and Loaded" and two bonus tracks (Demo 89). M-16 shared stages in the 80's with bands like Ratt, Armored Saint, Wrathchild America, and fellow New York bands Dirty Looks, Roxx, Triffid and Blacksmith. Carefully remastered and presented in a 12-page booklet with band history and rare photos, this release marks the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of "Locked and Loaded".

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