LUNAR SHADOW - Far from Light CD

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Cruz Del Sur, German?s LUNAR SHADOW built a strong reputation over the last 2 years through word of mouth and a selected release and live activity.Their first 2015?s EP ?Triumphator? was nominated ?Demo Of The Month? on German ROCK HARD magazine and since then the band hashad a chance to play live with the likes of Atlantean Kodex, Dark Forest and Argus, also including a set on the prestigious Harder Than Steelfestival in their homeland.'Far From Light' is their debut album and delivers eight brand new songs of epic, melodic, thoughtful and proudly regressive Metal.There are so many different details in the 60 minutes of the album, that ?Far From Light? really needs more than a couple of plays to be full discovered and appreciated. The band likes to surprise with a continuous changes of pace and speed, the vortex of guitar solos thrown on thetable makes an ambitious trial get to the essence of ?Far From Light?. The main reference is to traditional metal acts (the melancholy ofWarlord fulfils the album for example), but LUNAR SHADOW likes to develop its personal sound also through epic ballads even throwing insome doom and black metal elements.

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