LUBRICANT - Swallow This: Years 1991-1993 LP BLACK

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Svart Records, black vinyl, ltd 300, Lubricant, one of the forerunners of the rock-influenced strain of old school death metal, along with bands such as Xysma and Wolverine Blues -era Entombed. Their brief lifespan consisted of one demo and and one mini album originally, which are now compiled together on this release. The demo, Swallow The Symmetric Swab, was recorded in 10 hours by enthusiastic death-obsessed teenagers and distributed via the tape-trading scene worldwide. The tape proved an underground hit, with over 2000 copies manufactured. German cult label Morbid Record grabbed the band and the deal resulted in the Nookleptia mini album, released on CD and vinyl in 1993. Lubricant have recently reactivated themselves with the original lineup, but back in the day they existed for a mere few years. Their original approach to death metal and grind won over many fans, and they soon became a cult act, with many shows around Europe. Entitled Swallow This, the compilation of Lubricant?s vintage material, has been remastered according to the band?s original vision. It restores much of the dirt and venom not entirely present on version which ended up on the original Nookleptia vinyl.

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