JOHN HOYLES - Can't Fight Change 7" BLACK

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Bad Omen Records, black vinyl, Born and bred in London, John Hoyles moved to Sweden in his early teens where he became the lead guitarist in the legendary doom metal band Witchcraft in the year 2000 playing on their self titled debut, 'Firewood' & The Alchemist'. Nine years later he founded the band Spiders, and in 2016, he formed the group Big Kizz, together with his friend Axel Sjöberg from Graveyard. Whether creating in tandem with his fellow musicians or flying solo on his own, Hoyles creates music from the heart: some punk, pub rock, a little 70's glitter, heavy psych and a touch of vintage metal. His playing and singing are honest and accomplished while his warm, wicked tone is unmistakable. Brand new 7? release on which John Hoyles further solidifies his stake as one of the aughts' most exciting and magnetic underground rock players. John Hoyles is a former member of WITCHCRAFT (Rise Above/Nuclear Blast) and BIG KIZZ (Tee Pee)

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