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F.O.A.D., The definitive and most exhaustive documentary about the roots of Punk and Hardcore in Italy, focusing on the legendary "furious years" 1980-1989!! Almost 2 hours tracing the history of how it all came together.. the early bands, labels and zines, the shows, the first squatted houses like "Virus" in Milano and "Victor Charlie" in Pisa, and a lot more! All this told in first person by those who lived it through detailed interviews and a lot of rare videos showing the bands in action. Photos, flyers, original 80ies TV features and rare live footage from more than 50 bands and 62 characters (labels, zine editors, etc.) A monsterwork put together over the years with feverish passion.. simply the most complete and quality-focused video source about the heyday of Italian Hardcore/Punk you can think of, exactly what many enthusiasts were waiting for! Bands featured: WRETCHED, NEGAZIONE, C.C.M., IMPACT, RAW POWER, BLOODY RIOT, UPSET NOISE, NABAT, UNDERAGE, PEGGIO PUNX, CRASH BOX, INDIGESTI, KINA, DECLINO, BLUE VOMIT, RAF PUNK, INFEZIONE, STIGMATHE, FALL OUT, CHAIN REACTION and many more.. English subtitles included!! Comes in a digipack DVD sleeve.

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