INSANITY - Death After Death + Demos DCD

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DARK SYMPHONIES, California based Death Thrash, the ultimate version of their legendary 1993 debut "Death After Death" as a deluxe 2CD set featuring the original sound recording and loaded with unreleased and bonus material."This compilation features many unreleased Insanity tracks including recordings of Carnivore, Ultimate Death & Night of The Dead that were tracked for a split dedicated to our friend Jim Konya, 2 previously unreleased studio recordings of Misguided and Treading Water featuring Bud Mills on drums and several 8 track recordings of early versions of songs on the Visions of Apocalypse album and other bonus tracks."This deluxe 2CD set is designed after the original 1993 MBR release, taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also featured are unpublished band photos, lyrics and liner notes by original band members. Limited to 500 copies worldwide!

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