INQUISITOR - I am Sick, I Must Die 7" BLACK

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Hammerheart Records, black vinyl, It is with great pleasure that all four original members of Inquisitor have great news: in January 2018Hammerheart Records will release the successor of the infamous 1996 album "Walpurgis - Sabbath ofLust", which will be called "Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery". The long wait will finally be over. Expect nothingless than the furious, unorthodox, over the top extreme thrash/death metal you were used of these extremelyfast Dutch thrashers!But there?s more... before the new album sees daylight, at the 29th of October, Hammerheart Records willrelease a great teaser of the upcoming album in the shape of an 7" EP & Digital single. "I Am Sick, I MustDie", which will be accompanied by 2 additional non-album tracks.1. I Am Sick, I Must Die2. Extreme Unction (Pestilence cover)3. Perish in Flames (Dark Angel cover)Inquisitor was originally formed in 1991: made two self-released demos and the above mentioned album,before collapsing in 1996/1997. Shortly before the re-release of ?Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust? at the endof 2014 by Hammerheart Records, Inquisitor reunited and are doing great ever since. They got back inshape; played some great gigs and started creating new songs for the first time in two decades; which now will result in their second full-lenght CD/LP!

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