HESS - Harpokrates CD

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, HESS, a Heavy Metal band from Rosario, Argentina, was formed in July 2010 when Melani Hess (vocals) decided to start a new music project. Later she was joined by Ariel Schefer (guitars). At the end of 2013, HESS started the recording of what would be their debut. The album titled ?Hagalaz? was released in 2014. Between 2015 and 2017 the band went through an almost complete lineup reformulation. Finally it was established with Eric Knudsen (bass), Diego Schmidhalter (guitars) and Martin Blengino (drums) joining Melani and Ariel. HESS independently released their sophomore album "Harpokrates" on July 2019, and now Sonic Age Records will bring it to metal fans worldwide. Comes with a 16 pages booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

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