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EYEHATEGOD - 10 Years of Abuse (And Still Broke) DLP BLACK

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Svart Records, double black vinyl, ?Eyehategod is a lifestyle,? Jimmy Bower once explained matter-of-factly to me in an interview long ago and half-remembered. ?It?s not one we?ve chosen, rather something we?ve all been dealt. People have to realize that the world is not stable. It?s because of our depressing surroundings that we?ve come not to care about anything? but we live off the vibe.? I was originally drawn to this band for the same reason that you?re picking up this disc ? in my life, i had never heard such an uncompromising, singleminded purity of expression and exertion of raw nerve, revealing those blunted feelings I had stored away in my miserable, misanthropic-lonly heart. Coiled like a snake, summarized in that wonderful, brutal SOUND was that addictive, lower-than-low note that nestles somewhere in the pit of your burning, alcohol-soaked, nauseated stomach. The painful feedback, the oppressively heavy, crushing riffs were so craftily combined with a (now) recognizable Southern twist that the music swung mightily, like the best Delta blues, like the best rock and roll should. It still does. Many other bands have tried unsuccessfully to emulate Eyehategod and have never quite captured their dynamic ? The Groove. Of course, you know that this LP is no ?Best Of? ? no one album could ever capture the claustrophobia-to-catharsis of an Eyehategod show. A vision of pain and neglect, they?ve done thousands of shows, never predictable in their tension and ultimately, release. That they?re still here at all is a testament of the resilient spirit of the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Glory in their downtuned vision of depravity and despair, for the End Times aren?t coming, they?re here and they?ve always been here. Just another night on Mississippi River blues, of swamp water used as holy Baptism, of rottening teeth and never having quite enough to eat, of broken jaws and broken lives, of bruises that go well with snuffed out hope and picturesque pornographic dreams. Revel in the power of Nines, in the power that is Eyehategod.

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