EXCESS - Melting Point CD

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No Remorse Records, When it comes to French Heavy Metal, almost everyone think about Sortilege or Killers. Nothing wrong with that, but the French Heavy Metal scene of the '80s had much more to offer, and it's safe to say that both Excess albums are the "French Metal Gems" of highest quality. "Melting Point" was originally released on vinyl in 1986, and "The Fatal Touch", one of the rarest French Metal vinyl records, was originally released in 1990. Now, thanks to No Remorse Records, both Excess albums - with a dynamic and old school mastering by Bart Gabriel (Sortilege, Cirith Ungol, Titan Force etc.), packed with bonus tracks, and coupled with great booklets - will be available as the official CD reissues for the first time ever. Each CD will be limited to 500 copies only.

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