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Westworld, This Discharge 3CD release is essentially the "Best Of" and includes all the bands singles and EP releases, album tracks of significant note and live highlights. Discharge were one of the world's first hardcore punk bands, and are often recognized as one of the main bands responsible for starting crust punk, and serving as sole inspiration for a legion of bands who played a style of hardcore punk called "d-beat". This release is a "must have" essential for fans of Discharge and the punk genre in general. Disc 11.Realities of War2.They Declare It3.But After the Gig4.Society's Victims5.Fight Back6.War's No Fairytale 7.Always Restrictions8.You Take Part in Creating the System9.Religion Instigates 10.Decontrol11.It's No T.V. Sketch12.Tomorrow Belongs to Us13.Visions of War14.Does This System Work?15.A Look at Tomorrow16.Why?17.Maimed & Slaughtered18.Mania for Conquest19.Ain't No Feeble Bastard20.Is This to Be?21.Massacre of Innocence (Air Attack)22.Never Again23.Death Dealers24.Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles25.State Violence, State Control 26.Doomsday27.Warning28.Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way 29.In Defence of Our Future30.The Price of Silence31.The More I See32.IgnoranceDisc 21.Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 2.The Nightmare Continues3.The Final Blood Bath4.Protest & Survive5.I Won't Subscribe 6.Drunk with Power 7.Meanwhile8.A Hell on Earth9.Cries of Help10.The Possibility of Life's Destruction11.The Blood Runs Red12.Free Speech for the Dumb13.Grave New World 14.City of Fear15.Lost Tribe Rising 016.Shootin' Up the World17.Leaders Deceivers 18.You Deserve Me19.Almost Alive20.Corpse of Decadence21.Trust 'em22.M.A.D. 23.Hype Overload24.You 25.What Do I Get?26.Hell Is WarDisc 31.Hell Is War (2004 Version)2.The More I See (2004 Version) 3.State Violence, State Control (2004 Version)4.Never Again (2004 Version)5.You Take Part in Creating the System (2004 Version)6.The Nightmare Continues (live, 2004) 7.A Hell on Earth (live, 2004)8.Realities of War (live, 2004)9.The Possibility of Life's Destruction (live, 1983)10.The Final Blood Bath (live, 1983)11.Doomsday (live, 1983)12.Drunk with Power (live, 1983)13.Why? (live, 1983) 14.Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles (live, 1983)15.Decontrol (live, 1983)16.Warning (live, New Jersey) 17.Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (live, New Jersey)18.Protest & Survive (live, New Jersey)19.In Defence of Our Future (live, New Jersey)20.State Violence, State Control (live, New Jersey)21.The Price of Silence (live, New Jersey)22.The Blood Runs Red (live, New Jersey)

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