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DISCHARGE - Live at the City Garden New Jersey LP CLEAR F.O.A.D.

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F.O.A.D. Records, clear vinyl, gatefold, insert, poster, ltd. 150, Official reissue of this legendary live LP from the band's golden days, originally released on Clay Records in 1989. A slab of pure rawness that captures these UK Punk icons in an intense, ultra-powerful performance during their legendary 2nd US tour (Northern USA and Canada) in fall 1983. As the original pressing says "these recordings were taped on the sound desk on the night of the concert and although they may lack the technology of full studio recordings they nevertheless capture the live excitement of a Discharge gig and have been fully approved for release by the group". In point of fact, this is raw, furious and totally out of control and together with "The nightmare continues" (the other Discharge's official live album on Clay) it portays in full effect these D-Beat generators at the top of their game. All their classic anthems are included: "Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing, "Never again", "Potest and survive", "The blood runs red", "Decontrol" and so on.. And as for all F.O.A.D.'s releases this has been mastered from the best sounding source in existence at Toxic Basement Studio, keeping the original sonic impact in its most genuine and uncontaminated form, just adding more balance to the instruments and that punch-in-the-face live feel that no band has ever topped. Served in a thick glossy UV gatefold jacket: the outside is a detailed reproduction of the original sleeve, the inside and insert - all designed and assembled by Rich Militia of SORE THROAT - include a stunning collection of rare photos from that tour (and other shows of the same period), flyers and detailed liner notes. Quoting the ending paragraph: "Live At The City Garden New Jersey is one of the better recordings and performances of the band at this point, and no one can deny the power of tracks like "Anger burning" or "Born to die in the gutter". They are beyond reproach in my opinion. This is the perfect epitaph to the band's 1983-1984 period. Lovingly remastered for vinyl by those lunatics at F.O.A.D. Records, and with some finished packaging upgrades, this is not state control, this is Rock'n'Roll!!". And wait, there's more.. inside you'll also find an accurate reproduction of the original poster of that tour, an item highly sought after by collectors!

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