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Captain Oi!, One of THE seminal Punk albums of all time gets the deluxe digi-pak treatment courtesy of Captain Oi! The album hit the UK National Top 40 when first issued in 1982 and also topped the Indie Chart. Now includes the Indie hit singles ?Never Again?, ?State Violence State Control? and ?Warning?. Totally remastered by Tim Turan the booklet now comes complete with sleeve notes by ?Burning Britain? author Ian Glasper, pictures of each collectable single and lyrics to all the songs. Contains ?The More I See? and ?Free Speech For The Dumb?, both covered by Metallica and ?Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing? and ?Protest And Survive? which have been covered by Sepultura whilst Anthrax also did a version of ?Protest & Survive? 1. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing 2. The Nightmare Continues

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