DEXTER WARD - Rendezvous with Destiny LP

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No Remorse Records, black vinyl, insert, second album from one of the best heavy metal bands from Greece, featuring ex-members of BATTLEROAR.DEXTER WARD were formed in 2009 and they have released "Antarctic Dream" 12" EP (2010), "Neon Lights" CD (2011), ?Stars & Stripes 7" single (2013) and a split 12" with BLACK SOUL HORDE (2015).Over the years, they have shared the stage with bands like CRIMSON GLORY, MANILLA ROAD, WARLORD and many others. Dexter Ward line-up is Mark J. Dexter (vocals), Manolis Karazeris (rhythm guitars), Akis Pastras (lead guitars), John Luna Tsimas (bass), Stelios Darakis (drums).

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