DEMON EYES - Out of Control CD

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No Remorse Records, DEMON EYES need no special introduction to fans of European Classic Metal, as their debut LP entitled "Rites Of Chaos", originally released in 1984, managed to gain legendary status over the years, so these days DEMON EYES is very often listed on one breath with acts such as SORTILEGE, KILLERS or H-BOMB. In 1990 the Sannois based band released third studio album, "Out Of Control", which quality wise proudly continued the legacy of the first two. Now, thanks to No Remorse Records, the album will be reissued, and as it's frequent in case of this Greek label, the reissue will be packed with bonus tracks. The limited edition CD will be available in only 500 copies, and except the 8 songs that were included on the original album, will also include two extra studio tracks, five demo tracks, and one live one

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