CRUCIFYRE - Post Vulcanic Black DLP

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Pulverised Records, double black vinyl, gatefold cover, Swedish Thrash ?N Devilrollers CRUCIFYRE have congregated once again for their third full-length album ?Post Vulcanic Black?, a gathering of ten unforgiving dark-hymns that would be sure to please any old-fashion Heavy Metal / Thrash devout. Ridiculously catchy while still retaining that unorthodox sense of morbidity, ?Post Vulcanic Black? features an almost new line-up with evidently fresh energy in the band and overall encompassing a more imperialistic vibe. The Satanic victory is rejoiced now and forever more. , ?Post Vulcanic Black? delivers the primitive instincts of Hellhammer, the dark melodic sensibilities of Mercyful Fate but always without losing the quintessential early Slayer worship!

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