CANDLE OPERA - Dream Theatre CD

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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, ltd 500, Candle Opera was formed in Toronto, Canada in 1990 consisting of ex-SOLAR EAGLE members Rob Straughan (drums) and Zsolt Henczely (bass) - who joined in 1991, plus Cari Rain Gates (guitar) and Damien Graves (guitar). It was quite a challenge to find a vocalist who could digest and work with the already written material. In 1992 Randy Bryte (vocals) joined the band and in a short period of time, wrote the melodies and lyrics. For the first time ever, the only 8 songs that they ever recorded, including their cult 4 song demo "Dream Theatre" will be available on CD featuring remastered sound, photos, lyrics plus new and original artwork. Get ready to experience some frenzied heavy metal from Canada, featuring a totally unique writing style. We want to thank Christine Tsaprouni, Laurent Ramadier and Zsolt Henczely without whose help nothing would have been possible.

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