BONDED - Rest in Violence LP BLACK

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Century Media Records, black vinyl, The newly founded German Thrash Metal outfit Bonded marks the return of former long-time Sodom members Bernd ?Bernemann? Kost (Guitars) and Markus ?Makka? Freiwald (Drums). Their highly versatile and hard-hitting debut album ?Rest In Violence? also features second guitarist Chris Tsitsis (ex-Suicidal Angels), bassist Marc Hauschild and vocalist Ingo Bajonczak (Assassin) complimenting the line-up. Overkill?s Bobby ?Blitz? Ellsworth furthermore delivered guest vocals for the title-track, the album?s powerful production comes courtesy of Cornelius Rambadt (Sodom, Disbelief, Onkel Tom) and the striking artwork was made by Björn Gooßes / Killustrations (Aborted, The Crown, Carnal Forge).

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