313 - Three Thirteen LP+CD BLACK

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Underground Power Records, black vinyl, ltd 200, insert, 11 track bonus CD, US 80's Metal Masterpiece with Tim Aymar (Pharaoh + Control Denied) ! For Fans of: Warrior, Sword, Omen, Icon, Shok Paris and Malice. Around late-'83/early-'84, a group called Discipline took shape in Pittsburgh, PA; transitioning from playing covers into an original hard rock/metal outfit. Discipline laid down a two-song demo that gained local momentum via the Pittsburgh Steel radio show before disbanding in 1985, at which time the remaining members?founder Doug Appel (guitar), Mark Menold (guitar), and Ned Lyden (drums)?joined forces with two former members of another Pittsburgh act called Overlord?bassist David Kendrick and vocalist Tim Aymar (later of Pharaoh, Control Denied, Psycho Scream, Triple X, and many more)?and thus 313 was born. By year's end 1985, 313 had tracked a whopping 10 songs at Gamut Productions, achieving a striking balance between catchy, melodic hard rock and a heavier lean toward traditional metal. Continued writing, rehearsing, and gigging ensued, amidst which an aggressive, faster-paced drummer by the name of Kirk Henry entered the fold?aiding 313's continued growth toward harder-edged metal. Finally, during the winter of 1987/1988, the group settled into Aircraft Recording Studios to complete what should have been their debut full-length album. Sadly, these would prove to be 313's final sessions. After a failed contract with CBS-distributed PARC Records and a short-lived attempt to remain financially solvent as a cover act (operating under the name of Jet Screamer), mounting tensions within the lineup brought things to an end in 1988.

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