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Due to the worldwide Corona pandemia there are now restrictions for certain countries.
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ACTION! Kit 2 Philips, insert, flexi 7" red vinyl,... Details 56,00 €
ANGEL EYES Made in Heaven Yoo Seong Rec, fold out lyric sheet,... Details 21,00 €
ASYLUM Crystal Days Transrecords, lyric sheet, exotic... Details 14,00 €
ATOM SEED Get in Line London Recordings, m-/vg+, price... Details 6,30 €
BADGER Biding My Time 7" MCA, c/w Stepping Stones, vg+,... Details 3,50 €
BLACK SABBATH Live at Last Nems, Venezuela, 85001, different... Details 35,00 €
BRUTAL OBSCENITY s/t MLP Underground Records, C.C.G. Demo... Details 12,00 €
C.Y.D.H.I.E. GENO... Ashes to Ashes Metal Muza/ Polskie Nagrania,... Details 8,40 €
CAPITAL CRIME Let`s talk about Love 7" Private pressing, like early Hanoi... Details 12,60 €
CARNIVAL ART Wrestlings Swams vs Mr Blue Veins Situation 2, m-/ex--, seamsplit on top Details 2,10 €
CHARISMA Rockin´ the World together Melodir, Russian only pressing,... Details 21,00 €
CHRONICAL DISTURB... Foggy Creek SA Bucher, lyric sheet, ex++/vg+,... Details 24,50 €
CLAYTON TROUPE Hey Lord 7" Limited Edition Canvas sleeve, sill... Details 3,50 €
COLOR Gekitotsu Free Will Rec, lyric sheet, exotic... Details 14,00 €
DARKTHRONE F.O.A.D. Peaceville, 1st pressing, black... Details 50,00 €
DEAD END Shambara Invitation, 4 page lyric insert, m-/ex+ Details 21,00 €
DOOM Go mad yourself 7" Rock House Explosion Records, ex+/ex++ Details 28,00 €
DOOM THRONE Skeleton veiled in Flesh MLP Black Goat Productions, flyer, #254/... Details 10,50 €
EARTH A.D. A Crucifix 7" M.M.Music, blue vinyl, insert,... Details 7,00 €
ECLIPSE OF THE SUN Let it happen Tonight Explorer, 1990, limited edition white... Details 12,60 €
ECLIPSE OF THE SUN Real Rock`n`Roller Private pressing, German Metal from... Details 21,00 €
EPEDEMIC Futuredoom MLP Sin City Records, m-/vg++ Details 21,00 €
EXISES s/t Megaton, ex/ex, price sticker, Dutch... Details 14,00 €
FIX Jó Vagy Nálam, Édes Start, ex-/ex, Hungarian medolic HM... Details 10,50 €
FONGUS Metal Discos Crunch, vg++/vg++, rare one... Details 105,00 €
GARCIA & GARCIA Mr. Fire Blade Records, m-/ex-, exotic HM from... Details 10,50 €
GENOCIDIO Hoctaedrom Hellion Records, gatefold cover, 4... Details 24,50 €
GOBRA The First at Last Flimsy Haze Records, m-/vg, rare... Details 28,00 €
GORE Dead Man`s Dream Eksakt Records, 4 page insert,... Details 20,00 €
GORE Dead Man`s Dream Eksakt Records, 4 page insert, promo... Details 25,00 €
HAMLET En El Horizonte 7" Vulcano, 1 track promo 7", p/s, ex+/vg++ Details 7,00 €
HAMMER HAWK War 7" RED Stormbringer, c/w Heavy Metal... Details 7,00 €
HAMMER HAWK War 7" WHITE Stormbringer, c/w Heavy Metal... Details 7,00 €
HANKY - PANKY s/t MLP Babaorock, lyric sheet, Stoner/... Details 17,50 €
HIGHLAND QUEEN s/t MLP Power Records, ex+/ex, French Metal... Details 21,00 €
HORNED ALMIGHTY Live Exsanguination 10" Obscure Abhorrence/ Art Of... Details 14,00 €
HYAENA The Ground, The Light, The Sound LM Records, insert, m/ex, rare... Details 21,00 €
IMPACT Never too young to Rock BMR, ex+/ex--, soft cover, Dutch... Details 17,50 €
JAMES, MELVIN The Passenger MCA Rec, m-/m-, price sticker Details 2,80 €
JAVAN Somewhere in the Night Amnesia Records, m-/ex++, rare German... Details 14,00 €
JONATHAN s/t Aar, m-/m--, electronic krautrock... Details 28,00 €
JUDAS PRIEST The Best of PLP S.P.I. Milan, French pressing, m- Details 17,50 €
JURASSIC JADE A Cradle Song 7" Rock House Explosion Records, m-/ex,... Details 28,00 €
KRAKEN Escudo y Espada / Soy Real 7" Codiscos, no p/s, vg, ultra rare Details 56,00 €
LANZER Use it or loose it Perfect Beat, blue/ black splatter,... Details 21,00 €
LAWLESSNESS On the Run Saravah, ex+/ex-, light bend in the... Details 28,00 €
LEIZE Acosandome Barrabas, lyric sheet, m-/ex- Details 17,50 €
LEIZE Devorando Las Calles Nola, lyric sheet, ex/ex, their first... Details 31,50 €
LOY s/t MLP Private, lyric sleeve, m/m, German... Details 21,00 €
LYTHAM Dhal Ennar Naja Music, grey vinyl, lim. to 100... Details 21,00 €
M.O.B. Ready my Hips Airmob, private pressing, insert,... Details 21,00 €
MAKE-UP Howling Will Columbia, 4 page lyric insert, obi,... Details 21,00 €
MAMA Limited Edition Rooceter, printed inner sleeve,... Details 18,00 €
MAZE OF TORMENT Maze Bloody Maze 7" Merciless, m/ex++ Details 9,10 €
MERZY s/t MMT Records, lyric sleeve, ex/ex,... Details 9,10 €
MORTIS Is nothing sacred? Masque Records/ Azra Records, green... Details 14,00 €
NEW EMINENZ Shape of Things Metal Enterprises, ex/vg+ Details 8,40 €
NO BROS Princess of my Town 7" EMI, c/w Girls, vg++/vg++, price sticker Details 7,00 €
NOCTURNAL BREED Warthog 7" Prostata Records, ex+/m- Details 15,40 €
O.S.S.Y. Petturi 7" Rockord Kustannus Ky, ex/ex++ Details 14,00 €
OCEAN Drömmar om silver 7" NCB, 2 tracks from 1980, rare,... Details 52,50 €
ORANGE Madbringer RTB, vg++/vg++, rare Yugoslavian... Details 35,00 €
OUTBURST Lonely Nights 7" Poko Records, rare Finish Metal from... Details 49,00 €
PEGASUS The End of the World 7" AMS, private pressing, c/w Hold me... Details 12,60 €
PLANET - P s/t Geffen Rec, ex++/vg+, soc Details 2,10 €
PREACHERS, THE Way to Paradise Alles Records, lyric sheet, m/ex++,... Details 35,00 €
PROMISES s/t EMI, ex++/ex, lyric sleeve Details 2,80 €
QUEENSRYCHE Bridge P7" EMI, giant poster vg++, single ex Details 12,60 €
QUEENSRYCHE I am I 12" EMI, gold vinyl, paper bag, vg+, 2... Details 14,00 €
RAIN, THE - s/t Taurus Records, gatefold cover, m-/vg++ Details 10,50 €
REDSTORM No Exeption of a Victim of Crime Garageland Records, m-/ex++, rare... Details 49,00 €
RENEGADE Lonely Road 12" White Witch Records, lyric sheet,... Details 119,00 €
ROCK MASINA I zrod na granici Jugodisc, m-/ex-, rare Details 52,50 €
ROY LAST GROUP Goodtimes ahead Jax Pax Records, m-/vg++, tiny... Details 9,80 €
RYDER, GENE Last Cigarette and a Blindfold Polygram Rec, m-/ex++, lyric sleeve Details 2,80 €
SABBAT Naniwa Tepoddonslaught 7" Evil Dead Rec, #009/ 300, m-/m- Details 28,00 €
SABLE Amigos Rockeros 7" Citra, c/w Largo Camino, m/ex++, rare... Details 21,00 €
SABOTAGE Hoka Hey Metal Master, lyric sleeve, ex/vg+++,... Details 35,00 €
SEVENTH SON Man in the Street 7" Rising Sun Records, 1stpressing,... Details 70,00 €
SIGN II Rockport/ Energy, lyric sleeve, ex++/ex- Details 5,60 €
SPIDER All the Time 7" City Records/ Cherry Red, French... Details 12,60 €
SQUEALER Devil Son 7" Plein Watt, c/w Shame, ex/ex-, rare Details 63,00 €
STILLBORN Permanent Solution Radium, gatefold cover, m-/ex Details 21,00 €
STONE COLD CRAZY Who´s your Head Ruff`o´Roll Recordings, merch.... Details 8,40 €
STRIKE s/t MLP Tandan, trad. Swedish Metal from... Details 8,40 €
T.S.A. Mass Media 7" Tonpress, promo 7", vg++, company sleeve Details 4,90 €
T.S.A. Zwierzenia kontestatora 7" Tonpress, promo 7", vg++, company... Details 4,90 €
TJASCHJOLNYI DJEN 2 Melodia, ex++/ex+, soft cover Details 10,50 €
TORMÈ, BERNIE The Beat 7" Island, c/w I want + Boney Maronie,... Details 3,50 €
TRASH s/t Flarenasch, lyric sleeve, ex/ex++,... Details 14,00 €
TROOPER s/t Legend Records / MCA 2149, original... Details 17,50 €
TURBO W árodku tej nocy 7" Tonpress, c/w Bytem z toba tyle lat,... Details 17,50 €
TUSK Don´t know nothing 7" Private, c/w Road to Hell, m/ex,... Details 17,50 €
UNITED Beast dominate 7" Hold Up Records, lyric sheet, m-/ex Details 17,50 €
UNITED Beast dominate PLP 7" Hold Up Records, m- Details 17,50 €
V.A.N. Out in the Rain T.A.O.B., m/m- Details 3,50 €
V/A 6 x 2 COMPILA... LP Polar Music, ois, vg+/vg++, toc, Pal... Details 14,00 €
V/A ESPECIAL HEAVY LP Chapa Discos, ex-/ex-, Baron Rojo,... Details 24,50 €
V/A HEAVY METAL B... LP Breakin Records, ex+/vg++, Sabotage,... Details 19,60 €
V/A HOLLAND HEAVY... LP Universe, Live in Brouwershoeck,... Details 18,90 €